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Inconnu Chroma Pictor presents you Unknown Art Gallery where you will find Inconnu's artwork on display.

Inconnu mainly a painter.

As an admirer of the arts and with having extensive knowledge on art, music, and literature I tend to expand on art movements to its final essence of the art piece.

I created this name as a way to express the arts in a formal way and not to be distracted on the surface of the art world that tends to go away of the deeper level of the arts and to fully enjoy a painting and expand your perspective on the art of fine art down to the last stoke of perfection.

Enjoy the editions and the No. that will gradually open this surreal world for the arts and I will show you how to appreciate the arts in a complete way, down to its final essence.

ps. enjoy the white rabbits that run around the island

white rabbit standing on grass
white rabbit standing on grass
Unknown Art Gallery

where the keys lie below the name

Unknown Art Gallery

You won't believe what you might forget